COVID-19 Update

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In line with the industry COVID safe plan O2 Performance is now able to open 24/7 again without  50 minute sessions and without zones. This also includes the change rooms and bathroom facilities including showers being available. This is such exciting news for us and our members and we look forward to being able to operate at full capacity again and welcome back any members who were waiting for this before coming back
As of Monday, July 13, All memberships will be reactivated unless informed otherwise by our members.
Even though the restrictions have been eased we still have strict Conditions of Entry:
• Only available during staffed hours
• Bookings via membership portal
• No access to the gym before the session begins
• Must have a towel
• Wipe down equipment before and after use
• Cannot shower or change at the gym 
• Must keep to social distancing rules and abide by all Covid-19 guidelines
• Cannot train with a partner unless related or living together
• If you have any signs of sickness, DO NOT ENTER THE GYM 
• O2 Performance reserves the right to refuse entry of any person
Staffed hours
Monday to Friday 6.00am – 11.00am & 2.00pm – 7:30pm (Fridays until 5pm)
Saturday: 7.00am – 12.00pm
Sunday: Not staffed
The membership portal that was introduced for session bookings will remain in place for all class bookings. It also allows members to change payment details and update personal details
–       Go to link and click the ‘Forgot your password’ link
–       Enter your email and you will receive a new email to reset your password
–       Reset password and then log in
–       Choose your preferred class and book
Note: If this does not work please email us at as your email may be incorrect.
Booking on Stages does not guarantee a bike but is available to track your ride.