Dr. Jo Brown – The Sports Physi-co

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The Sports Physi-co specializes in physiotherapy for amateur and elite athletes as well as returning coastal residents back to work and their active lifestyles. The Sports Physi-co strives to deliver efficient and accurate diagnosis and provide cutting edge, evidence-based, individualized treatment for everyone.

Dr Jo Brown is the owner and lead physiotherapist at The Sports Physico. Dr Jo brings unparalleled experience of knowledge with 20 years sports physiotherapy experience, having worked with twelve different sports at an international level. She maintains close working relationships with Swimming Australia, Tennis Australia and the Jamaican Track and Field team.

Dr. Jo specializes in the assessment and treatment of shoulder injury and is one of the only practicing physiotherapists with a Ph.D. on the Sunshine Coast. Constantly evolving and developing Dr. Jo continues to work as a Fellow of the University of the Sunshine Coast on further research projects.

Website: https://www.thesportsphysico.com.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thesportsphysico/