What is GravityFit?

GravityFit is a revolutionary exercise and rehabilitation system that strengthens the deep muscles you need to live, heal and perform at your peak. Founded on over 30 years of research that has shown that simulating the effects of Gravity on the body through light resistance work, while performing controlled exercise in good posture, targets and activates the deep muscles of your body.

When your deep muscle system is strong, especially your Core, your body has more power, agility, balance, and better all round stability and posture. But modern life and many types of exercise actually weaken these deep muscles.

GravityFit have developed a range of garments, tools and exercises that provide postural awareness, sensory feedback and axial load to the limbs and spine.

How Does It Work?

The load provided by the GravityFit garments and exercise tools helps to strengthen the deep muscle system that is responsible for stabilising the spine and major joints. That has the following benefits for athletes and fitness enthusiasts:

Enhancing Performance – Improving stability and control will help you produce more power and improve your quality of movement.

Preventing Injuries – Joints that are more stable will function more efficiently, helping to you defend against injuries caused by repetitive strain.

Saving Valuable Time – You can wear the G Suit whilst training in the gym or for your sport, saving valuable time spent performing dull and repetitive prehab and activation exercises.

Why Does It Work?

Applying Gravity Sensory Information (GSI) to the body sends a particular type of neural stimulus to the brain, which in response re-establishes a strong neural connection to the deep muscles to tolerate the load being applied. The more GSI, the stronger and durable that brain to muscle connection becomes, eventually leading to automatic stability, balance and control.

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