Jordi Taylor

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Owner of Perspective Training, Jordi has been in the Strength & Conditioning profession for the past 7 years, working with athletes from youth and novice through to professional. His specialty lies within this attention to detail with each athlete and their goals through proven principles backed by the latest in Sports Science and Applied Research to ensure the best possible outcome. 

He has developed top athletes in sports such as Rugby League, AFL, Basketball, Soccer, Netball, Track and Field, Swimming, Kayak, Golf, Boxing, Muay Thai, Olympic Triathlon, Marathon and more.

 “The goal with any sport is to reverse engineer the physical demands, and implement the right plan to suit the whole athlete; physically, mentally and emotionally to ensure long term success, not only in sport but in life”

He has been fortunate enough to coach athletes to and in the NRL, AFL, Youth Olympics and many State and National championships. 

His coaching methodology is simple- build lasting relationships and trust and the rest will follow.