Nick Timm

Nick is dedicated to giving every person he works with a complete pain free range of movement in all joints. Nick values high quality functional movements that ensures you move well before you move often. Assessing how your body functions first and then creating a plan to improve on that function through mobility, strength and fitness training.

With over a decade of individual training experiences, representing his country in sport, running a marathon and an ultra marathon. Nick himself has experienced the first hand consequences of over training, poor joint health and movement quality. This has given him the chance to experience the journey from one extreme of immobility to complete physical freedom with a near perfect range of motion in all joints.

Specialties: Functional bodybuilding, Mobility/flexibility, injury rehab/mitigation, strength and conditioning, weight loss

Qualifications: Human movement and mobility specialist (FRCms), Level 1 Nutrition coach (CHFI), Bachelor of education (USQ), Mental first aider (MHFA)