Space-age technology used by stars coming to Coast

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CUTTING-edge technology used by elite sporting professionals and Hollywood stars will soon be available to the average Sunshine Coast punter.

The Sport Hub at Bokarina might still resemble a construction site but it will be transformed into a world-class performance facility once completed in May.

It means elite, amateur and professional athletes and teams will have state-of-the-art technology at our doorstep.

Cryotherapy Queensland are one of the new tenants taking up a place in the centre.

Owner Steve Kauter said its arrival, while still a fledgling technology, meant the days of freezing cold ice baths were numbered.

“It basically boosts oxygen levels, stamina and endurance for pre-game conditioning and helps with injuries,” Mr Kauter said.
“It is great for recovery sessions. You’re only in the chamber for three minutes, compared to 30 with an ice bath.
“It is massive in America, the NFL especially. But Australia are now where America was five years ago.
“People like Mark Wahlberg and Floyd Mayweather even have them in their homes.”

LeBron James is reportedly a fan.

Cryotherapy benefits

Faster muscle recovery
Reduce pain and fatigue
Decrease inflammation
Weight loss
Increase athletic performance
Improve mental health
Improve your sleep
Mr Kauter has a Brisbane client who has gone from being bedridden with osteoporosis to working full-time.

After testing the chamber, former Australian tennis star and Noosa cricketing star Andrew Kratzmann said he wished the technology was around in his heyday.

Some of the injuries he sustained still haunt him to this day.

Still nursing a dozen niggles, Kratzmann emerged from the chamber with his movement not as restricted as it was minutes earlier.

“I walked in pretty stiff, but the niggles are gone and I’m walking freely,” he said.
“Hopefully it stays that way for the weekend.
“Luckily I field at first slip, but if I’m running a lot between wickets, that will be a test.”

Falcons under-20s half Nick Ellems struggled with the sensation initially but warmed to it.

When asked if he’d prefer ice baths or cryotherapy his choice was simple.

“To get the most out of an ice bath takes at least 20 minutes, but this was pretty fast and over before I knew it,” he said.
“I’m feeling quite relaxed too.”

For teams like the Falcons it could very much be a secret weapon.

Owner of O2 Performance Miguel Rojano said the combination of the businesses within the Sports Hub is what makes the centre so unique.

“Having tenants such as Cryotherapy QLD in the same complex and understanding the holistic approach the Sports Hub provides, enhances our offering as a fitness centre,” Mr Rojano said.

Source: Sunshine Coast Daily