Welcome to O2 Performance

The Sunshine Coast’s home of fitness, wellbeing and athletic development

O2 Performance Gym and Health Club is designed to complement the Sunshine Coast community lifestyle, assist in fitness education and provide a professional base for members. Whether you are an everyday gym-goer, undergoing rehabilitation or an elite athlete, O2 Performance will assist you to achieve your goals.

To empower, educate and inspire individuals to own and monitor their health and wellbeing through a professional support network.


  • No Joining fees
  • No administration fees
  • No fees for access tags 
  • Brand new equipment
  • State of the art facilities
  • A positive and inclusive training environment

O2 Performance Sunshine Coast

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The Sunshine Coasts best high-performance training facility

The Sunshine Coast Community & Sporting Club Limited successfully obtained a $5 Million-dollar federal grant to help fund the three stage, $22.5 Million-dollar project. Stage one, The Sports Hub, is an elite athlete and community fitness centre of 2000m² consisting of a high-performance gym as well as a some of the region’s best allied sports health professionals.

Designed with not only the local community in mind but also for elite sports people and sporting teams to visit, train and rehabilitate, stage two, an 84-bed accommodation facility, will also be complete in April 2019…

Meet Our Trainers

Having successfully opened and operated two high-performance facilities previously on the Sunshine Coast Miguel was approached by the Sunshine Coast Community & Sporting Club Limited to operate the 2000m² elite athlete and community fitness centre within The Sports Hub. Having a passion for the community and noticing a defined gap in the health and wellbeing management on the Sunshine Coast Miguel was excited to take on the opportunity.

Miguel has a Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Strength and Conditioning. Miguel’s sport science qualifications, combined with his years of exposure to the health & fitness industry have afforded him the reputation as the ‘go to’ person within the local community and beyond…